Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Breaking the Ice

This being my first blog post, I feel a need to provide an explanation of what I will be blogging about. When browsing through other blogs, I’ve come to notice that many of them have a theme - whether it be about knitting creations, vegan lifestyles, fashion moguls, etc. I will have no such theme. Most of this content will be trivial, day-to-day observations. Think Seinfeld, but I wouldn’t dare say I am anywhere close to being that funny. However, every once in a while I might feel the need to argue the case of a serious matter I find important, but mostly, I stick with the comically mundane. And now a little snippet that I found amusing:

A few days ago, I was told this little anecdote I would like to share. Someone I know works in retail, and their store has a gazebo on display with a net surrounding it, hoping to create a certain ambiance to entice customers into a spending spree, I'm sure. An older gentleman asked them to help him find the gazebo in the store, and he was led to the appropriate aisle where they handed the gentleman the box. The older customer looked at the box and asked if the net came with it. They told him he would have to purchase that separately, and the gentleman got really annoyed and said: “Damn it! They’re always making me choose between a shit and a fart!”

What this means, I’m not exactly sure, but I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard it.

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  1. Theodore H? Ive heard of that guy, isn't he the greatest movie buff of all time?